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Check out some of our the features that REImobile is bursting at the seams with:

General Features

  • Access REImobile from your office desktop, laptop at Starbucks, smart phone or tablet any where you have an internet connection
  • REImobile was designed and built by Danny Johnson, an active real estate investor from San Antonio, TX that has been flipping houses for over 11 years and understands what investors want (and loves to get feedback and implement crazy ideas that investors have to improve the software)
  • Integrate your REImobile account with LeadPropeller websites so that leads and investor buyer data is sync'd between your accounts. You can also manage listings on your selling/renting/wholesaling LeadPropeller sites.

Lead Management

  • Keep track of all of your leads
  • Manage your leads on your dashboard by being able to quickly see leads that have certain statuses
  • Access all of your info on the go (anywhere you have an internet connection)
  • Rate each lead with a star rating system so you stay focused on your best leads
  • Store information about each house with the lead
  • Store information about the lead itself including reasons for selling and asking price and the source of the lead
  • Store pictures of the house and put them into albums so that you can quickly view before and after galleries of your flips
  • Perform deal analysis for the lead based on 3 different exit strategies (fix and flip, wholesale, rental)
  • Automatically pulls information about the house and comps from Zillow
  • Store contact information for all contacts associated with the lead
  • Store comps for the lead
  • Keep track of all offers and counter offers made
  • Automatically create and fill out offer contracts to present to sellers
  • Store timestamped notes for each lead
  • Create follow up reminders that can be set to remind you over and over again automatically
  • Upload documents and have them associated with each lead
  • Create and associate checklists with each lead so that you can quickly see what you’ve already done with the lead and what you still need to do
  • Quickly create and manage for sale/for rent/wholesale listings from lead data to be displayed on a LeadPropeller house selling or house wholesaling website
  • Email lead information very quickly using our email templates (wholesale deal template, full detail template, lender deal info template, birddog lead template) or choose which data from the lead to include in each email
  • Print lead information very quickly using our report templates (full report template) or choose which information to include in each report.
  • Quickly view a map of the lead in Google maps
  • Share the lead information with team members (multi-user account)
  • When a seller is unmotivated or a deal is just not possible, quickly send a template email with your reason for not being interested in the house
  • Use our custom deal flow engine to delegate tasks for each lead to team members (multi-user account)
  • Set deadlines for tasks assigned and be notified if a task is not completed by the deadline
  • Filter and sort your leads easily with multiple data-points so that you can find leads matching your exact criteria quickly
  • Display leads in a beautiful card system or in a table
  • Quickly view your recently added, recently viewed or favorite leads with the click of a button
  • View due follow ups on a single page so that you can focus on following up when required
  • View and filter your leads on a Google map display
  • View statistics for the sources and statuses of your leads and deals so that you can see at a glance whether your marketing machine needs to be ramped up or not
  • View a page of your most recent offers so that you can quickly determine which should be followed up on first
  • Use and easily customize your own repair catalog where you can specify your typical repairs, group them (like cheap, standard and high-end kitchen with all of the typical repairs that need to be done for a kitchen at each level) so that you can easily select them each time you need them instead of having to reenter them over and over. You’ll be a lot more consistent with your repair estimates as well… :)

User Management

  • Quickly view the leads belonging to team members within your account.
  • Send internal messages to team members
  • Give or deny access to your leads for your team members
  • Share leads with team members or allow them to see all of your leads
  • Activate and deactivate team members with the click of a switch
  • Create data entry user accounts that call centers or anybody you want can login and be able to add leads to your account, but do nothing other than that.
  • A biriddog system is available within REImobile that allows you to market for birddogs, have them request registration, accept/deny registration and create their account where they can submit birddog leads to you and track what you do with the leads and payments for the leads.

Contact Management

  • Manage your contacts within REImobile
  • Create groups and add contacts to them so that you can easily email everyone in the group
  • Quickly see which leads each contact is associated with. This is great for determining how many properties you’ve bought from each real estate agent you work with or wholesaler you work with.
  • Quickly search for contacts with several different search criteria (not just name)
  • Quickly import contacts from spreadsheets

Investor Buyer Management

  • Keep track of your wholesale buyers list within REImobile
  • Quickly add each buyer’s buying criteria
  • Filter and view investors by their criteria so that you can quickly determine who to contact about a deal you are selling (filter by city, state, budget, funding, how fast they can close, level of repairs acceptable, payment type and property types wanted).
  • Have investor buyer information from your LeadPropeller websites be saved directly into your REImobile account

Marketing Management

  • Organize and plan your marketing within REImobile
  • Keep track of all costs for each of your marketing sources so that you can quickly see how much money you have spent for each marketing campaign, how many leads were generated, how much each lead cost and how much each deal cost per lead source
  • Save money, get more leads and make more deals by keeping track of the best producing marketing sources and pump more money into them and expand them while reducing outlay on the marketing sources that are not producing as well.
  • See a snapshot of your marketing statistics on a page with graphs, charts and tables
  • Keep track of when you are doing each marketing activity on your marketing calendar
  • Quickly see which marketing tasks are overdue on your calendar
  • Easily set up marketing expenses based on whether they are one-time or recurring

Direct Mail Management

  • Manage direct mail campaigns within REImobile
  • Create, edit and organize your direct mail letters quickly and easily
  • Choose a pre-existing direct mail campaign or create your own, upload or enter your mailing list and then print and mail letters quickly
  • REImobile saves you money by automatically informing you of duplicated mailing addresses
  • Easily remove people from your mailing list once they respond or tell you to stop mailing them
  • See a history of direct mail sent to each recipient so that you can determine patterns of letters that work better than others

Schedule Closings

  • Schedule closings for leads that you’ve put under contract to buy or sell
  • Set information related to the closing: date/time, where and with whom, closer contact information, the property you are buying or selling, purchase or selling price, the lender and how much you are borrowing, the name you are buying as and closing costs associated with the closing.
  • Create and associate checklists with scheduled closings so that you or a team member can make sure you perform required tasks before, during and after a closing. This is great for remembering to get or cancel insurance, turn on/off utilities, place or remove lockboxes, etc.


  • Schedule events and tasks on your own calendar within REImobile.
  • Sync your REImobile calendar with your Google calendar so that all of your calendars contain all of your scheduled activities.
  • Quickly see when tasks are past due so that you always do marketing and follow up that you plan.


  • REImobile allows customization of a lot of features including setting defaults for leads like source, status, city, state, occupancy, property type, garage, pool, basement, etc.
  • You can also set up defaults for deal analysis like your desired profit, typical loans, etc.

Help and Support

  • REImobile has a huge library of short, to-the-point videos that explains every thing you can do within the system
  • Have a question, no problem, we answer emails very quickly (email support@reimobile.com) or you can call us (210-999-5521) as we have live humans that are actually in our office and not half way around the world that will glady answer your questions (and yes, they know the answers because the software developers that work on the system are the ones that answer the phones!).

It's time you got a system for your house flipping business that allows you to truly have the freedom you set out to achieve.

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