LeadPropeller and REImobile are best friends

Find out why LeadPropeller real estate investor websites and REImobile go together like peas and carrots.

Motivated seller leads from LeadPropeller house buying websites go directly into REImobile


When a motivated seller submits information about a house they want to sell to your LeadPropeller real estate investor website, it gets saved within LeadPropeller, but also saves inside of REImobile so that you don't have to manually enter all of the information the seller submitted.

Investor buyer leads from LeadPropeller websites save directly into REImobile


When a cash buyer, real estate investor submits their information about what types of deals they are looking for an how much they can spend, it gets saved directly into REImobile so that you can keep track of your investor buyers. This makes life much easier when you have a house you want to sell to an investor and need to quickly determine who would be most interested in the deal.

Create and manage for sale and rental listings from your REImobile account to display on your LeadPropeller house selling website


We've cut out the additional steps that used to be required to create your LeadPropeller for sale and for rent listings. If you have the property information in REImobile, you can simply set the information you want to display in the listing and make it live so that it shows on your LeadPropeller house selling/renting website.

Create and manage wholesale listings from your REImobile account to display on your LeadPropeller wholesaling website


Wholesaling a house you have in REImobile? No problem, you can very quickly and easily create a listing for it to be displayed on your LeadPropeller wholesaling website.