Discount Pricing For Existing LeadPropeller Customers

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$ 20 /month
single user account
no setup fees
3 birddog accounts
3 lead entry accounts
mobile access (using mobile browser)
$ 100 /month
10 team member accounts
no setup fees
unlimited birddog accounts
unlimited lead entry accounts
mobile access (using mobile browser)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do LeadPropeller websites and REImobile sync?

Yes, LeadPropeller websites and REImobile can be joined up to enable automatic addition of new leads into your REImobile and management of your listings that are for sale/for rent/wholesale.

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Can I cancel at anytime and keep either service?

Absolutely, if you decide to cancel one service or the other, you will be able to keep the remaining service going, though your rate will be increased to the normal rate instead of the discounted rate that comes with the combined service.

Are there iOS and Android apps for REImobile?

We currently have plans to develop iOS and Android apps for REImobile but do not have them available yet. REImobile currently works great on most mobile browsers. Mobile Chrome seems to work the best.

Can I upgrade to a better package at anytime?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your account at anytime. This is great for if you plan on building a team for your house flipping business, but are just not ready to right now.

Will my old leads from LeadPropeller appear in REImobile

Absolutely! If you currently have leads within your LeadPropeller backend system, you can push those to your REImobile account. Forget about having to enter your old leads from LeadPropeller by hand. We've automated it!

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