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REImobile is a cloud-based real estate investor system built to save you time, money and your sanity.

From end-to-end, REIMobile simplifies the marketing, lead and mailing management aspects of my Real Estate Investing business. It's a Real Estate Entrepreneur's dream!
- Ken Aldridge

You started flipping houses to escape your job, not create another job for yourself!

Having a software system that will allow you to keep track of your leads, follow ups, repair estimates, deal analysis, closings, team members and really just about everything that has to do with a house flipping business.

What this means is you will now be able to work on your business instead of in your business.


Stop trying to piece together general purpose apps to manage your house flipping business

REImobile allows you to have everything in one place, in one system, without the need for configuration.

What this means is that you don’t have to spend days and weeks setting up Podio or Zoho to allow importing of leads and documents. Don’t go down the path where you get sucked into linking up all of the different apps out there only to be yelling, “I CAN’T DEAL WITH ALL THE PARTS ANY LONGER!”, especially when one of them stops working...


Stop losing deals and throwing away leads

Get the most out of each lead by utilizing a system to keep track of where you are with each lead and performing proper follow up.

What this means is when you get a call from a motivated seller that had contacted you months ago, you can quickly look up the lead and instantly refresh your memory about every aspect of the lead. Don’t be the guy that has to search for an hour through his lead notebook only to find that the page had been ripped out or the notes were spread over tons of different pages and couldn’t be for sure if it belonged to the lead.


Stop wasting money on marketing

REImobile allows you to track your marketing spending and the results you are getting. Never again go without knowing how much each lead source is costing you per lead and per deal.

What this means is that you can avoid being the guy that keeps paying $1,000 per month on a yellow page ad that generates 100 leads per year. That makes his cost per lead for yellow pages $120 per lead...which isn’t terrible. BUT, if he only closed 2 deals out of those 100 leads, it cost him $6,000 per deal. This return might be good if he made out well on the flips, but if he is doing other marketing that averages under $1,000 per deal, that’s where he should be focusing his efforts. REImobile allows you to see and adjust your marketing in real time.


Stop feeling unorganized and inefficient

REImobile allows you to see quickly what your most important next tasks are. This will keep you focused and doing what needs to be done versus just doing what comes to mind.

What this means is that you can login each day and see which follow ups need to be made with sellers, which analysis tasks need to be done for which leads and what marketing is scheduled.

Super successful people know that to get the most out of each day, they must focus on the 20% of things that produce 80% of their results. These tasks are the 20% for real estate investors. Stop wasting time fiddling with the trivial and get the most important 20% done first each day. REImobile makes this a no-brainer.


Always be on the same page with assistants and team members

REImobile allows you to coordinate easily with assistants and team members. Create users and specify their access level and share leads with them.

What this means is that you can create a data entry user and allow them access to enter lead details for you...but do nothing else. This is perfect for investors that use an answering service.

You can create a birddog user and allow them to submit leads to you and see the statuses of previously submitted leads.

You can create team member users and allow them to do everything you do in the system. Imagine being able to login and see all the details about a lead including notes and actions taken instead of having to call your partner all the time.


Some of our favorite features

REImobile is packed with incredible features. Here are some that are sure to improve your house flipping business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do LeadPropeller websites and REImobile sync?

Yes, LeadPropeller websites and REImobile can be joined up to enable automatic addition of new leads into your REImobile and management of your listings that are for sale/for rent/wholesale.

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Can I cancel at anytime and keep either service?

Absolutely, if you decide to cancel one service or the other, you will be able to keep the remaining service going, though your rate will be increased to the normal rate instead of the discounted rate that comes with the combined service.

Are there iOS and Android apps for REImobile?

We currently have plans to develop iOS and Android apps for REImobile but do not have them available yet. REImobile currently works great on most mobile browsers. Mobile Chrome seems to work the best.

Can I upgrade to a better package at anytime?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your account at anytime. This is great for if you plan on building a team for your house flipping business, but are just not ready to right now.

Will my old leads from LeadPropeller appear in REImobile

Absolutely! If you currently have leads within your LeadPropeller backend system, you can push those to your REImobile account. Forget about having to enter your old leads from LeadPropeller by hand. We've automated it!

Trusted by active real estate investors

I have cancelled my ZOHO subscription and moved my entire business over to REIMobile! REIMobile combines the best features of the other CRM software. LOVE this software!
Mike Simmons
From end-to-end, REIMobile simplifies the marketing, lead and mailing management aspects of my Real Estate Investing business. It's a Real Estate Entrepreneur's dream!

Works seamlessly with LeadPropeller real estate investor websites

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